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Discover Thorne Bottom Farm

Thorne Bottom Farm is a place where tranquility and natural beauty can still be found. Nestled in the mountains of West Virginia, our horses and goats thrive from the attention and affection of our caregivers.

Born from the warmth, dedication, and spirit that is Thorne Bottom Farm, our equine and ruminant, mineral, and nutrient supplement blend, was created. We are happy to introduce K.I.S.Trace® and K.I.S.®Ru-Min Pro!

Keep in Mind

Not all trace minerals perform in the same manner. In order for trace minerals to be of use to an animal, they must possess the following attributes: solubility, stability, absorbability, and be metabolically available.

If a trace mineral fails to meet any of these attributes, it will offer significantly less benefit to the animal and may not improve animal performance.

The Thorne Bottom Difference…

Better Absorption

Formulated to include organic minerals/amino acid complexes by Zinpro for increased nutritional benefits.

High-Quality Ingredients

To fill in gaps in the diets of equines and certain ruminants.


No Added Sulfates.

We are confident you will find your horses, goats, and cattle experiencing improved general health and well-being with K.I.S.Trace® and Ru-Min Pro!

Zinpro Performance Minerals

Thorne Bottom Farm’s, K.I.S.Trace® and Ru-Min Pro, are derived from Zinpro Performance Minerals®.

Zinpro manufactures their minerals via a unique, proprietary process in which trace minerals are bound to an amino acid ligand. Zinpro’s patented minerals utilize a unique pathway for absorption through the highly active amino acid transporters, which allow the trace minerals to be efficiently absorbed and utilized by the animal.

This results in a higher delivery of trace minerals to all organs, tissues, and enzyme systems. To learn more about trace mineral nutrition, visit essentialfeed.zinpro.com.

By laying its foundation with Zinpro Performance Minerals®, Thorne Bottom Farm has developed the gold standard for equine and ruminant nutrition supplementation!

Patrice Sager, AHA, PHCP


In addition to Patrice’s 15+ years as an AHA/PHCP* professionally certified hoof care provider; 6+ years as a dairy goat owner/production operator; through many studies; and a passion for nutritional health, she developed K.I.S.Trace® and Ru-Min Pro.

*American Hoof Association and Progressive Hoof Care Practitioner and Mentor

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