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KISTrace Pellets are now available in four versions: Original, Low Selenium, No Selenium, and GI • All prices include free shipping in the continental US!
Free nutrition and hoof care articles packet upon request.
Gallon jug pump dispenses the perfect portion for daily Gut Health dose. Will fit on any of the Basic Equine Health gallon jugs. 1oz, 2 pumps equal 1 serving
Empty 60ml dosing syringe   To be used with EZ Xtra Gel
The most powerful products in the Gut Health line, useful for not only immediately addressing gastric issues and also hindgut symptoms. This gel is also very effective in preventing dehydration and weight loss while under stress. An absolute must for curbing anxiety in competition. It can be used as a...
Label usage information can be accessed through the Qwerty code on the bottle. Pure Gold - Quart Non-GMO formula combined with high Omega 3 fatty acids makes it an essential supplement for every horse. The oil is also an antioxidant with high vitamin E, an emollient that moisturizes skin, anti-inflammatory,...
Xtra Strength Liquid - Gallon   This liquid supplement is the second tier in the concentration of the active ingredient in the Gut Health line. Its liquefied suspension allows it to be an efficient top-dress or can be administered orally. It can be used alone or may be combined with...
The cornerstone of any Basic Equine Health program. This alfalfa-based pellet contains everything that Basic Equine Health has become famous for. High in fat and Omega 3, great for weight gain. Used as a top dress. It comes in two different formulas. Xtra Strength is designed to be used when...
Package Includes: K.I.S.Trace GI Pellets 20 lb Basic Equine Health Xtra Strength Liquid (gallon) XtraStrength 6 lb Top Dress Pellets EZ Extra Gel Quart Note:  Purchase dosage pump separately.  See: Basic Equine Health 1 oz Pump for Gallon Jug Note:  Purchase dosage syringe separately.  See:  Basic Equine Health Dosing Syringe (Empty)
All prices include shipping! The name K.I.S.Trace means "Keep It Simple." I feel that I have formulated K.I.S.Trace to be a simple forage balancer that works well with the horses system and is proving to be a great part of a basic diet plan for horses. K.I.S.Trace forage balancer delivers...
Feed at the rate of 6 oz--3 scoops--per 1000 pound horse.  20 pounds will last one ~1000 pound horse approximately 50 days. 2 oz scoop included.No added iron, sugar, corn, or artificial ingredients.Same great product ingredients as the powder but in a pellet.This selection is designed with the equine picky eater...
Introducing Ru-Min Pro Free Choice! Top quality ingredients in a free choice version of the Ru-Min Pro Top Dress. Goat approved for palatability and performance. Designed to supply a balanced ratio of certain macro and micro minerals for goat and cattle. Also contains digestive enzymes and B vitamins to assist...
An add on supplement designed to support and promote rumin health and over all physical well being for goats and cattle. Great for milk production in dairy. Conditioning for meat breeds. Ru-Min Pro Top Dress is available in 10lb bags. Click here for more information on Ru-Min Pro Top Dress