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Basic Equine Health Xtra Strength Liquid (Special Sale Price)


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Xtra Strength Liquid - Gallon


This liquid supplement is the second tier in the concentration of the active ingredient in the Gut Health line. Its liquefied suspension allows it to be an efficient top-dress or can be administered orally. It can be used alone or may be combined with Peak Performance Pellets to provide an even stronger level of concentration.

Xtra Strength Liquid is the second tier in the GUT HEALTH line. It is formulated to stand on its own, or work in conjunction with any other Basic Equine Health products to increase its strength and concentration. It’s base is a highly concentrated aloe vera powder which is the perfect vehicle to carry the active ingredient. This ingredient, an encapsulated time-released sodium bicarbonate, begins to work immediately upon ingestion soothing the stomach, intestinal and cecal lining, decreasing irritation and discomfort by increasing pH. Gastrointestinal distress is primarily a result of a drop in pH within the system. The instantly reacting pH raising crystals begin to work from their introduction into the stomach, continuing throughout the 70 feet of intestine and cecum that make up the hindgut. Xtra Strength Liquid is an effective supplement that can be administered to help alleviate the symptoms of gastric distress and hindgut acidosis.

Gallon = 1 Month Supply (for one horse)
Quart = 1 Week Supply, great for on the go or at the horse show.

Note:  Purchase dosage pump separately.  See: Basic Equine Health 1 oz Pump for Gallon Jug

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